March 13, 2014

DC No. 131: Connections

March 16, 2014, marks the 3rd TARC Spring Thaw 6 Hour, a trail race I designed and direct to raise money for local land organizations like A.V.I.S., Andover Trails Committee, and the Bay Circuit Alliance. On many levels this event is about introducing, nurturing and appreciating our connections —to each other, to the outdoors, to environmental stewardship, to spirit, will and imagination.

Each year I make a commemorative art print for both runners and volunteers. Tonight I completed printing an edition of 120 relief prints. I get giddy thinking about giving them to participants as a way of connecting my love of art to my love of the woods and trail running. The prints are a "thank you" to the runners and volunteers who help make the event possible.

The relief printmaking process is a series of connections.  By nature of its multiplicity, images in an edition are intended to be shared. The process of printing relies on connecting ideas and tools to materials:

Inspired by a friend's drawing video, I decided to show some of my printing process. Link to a Sunny Spot  and enjoy more interpretations on the Drawing Challenge theme of connections.

March 08, 2014

DC No.130: Hair

 Emily Trespas, "Swatches," Digital Photograph, 2014

I am fortunate to enjoy a variety of student hair styles, colors and textures when teaching my art classes. Hair is part of our identity—our phenotype. These swatches are a sampling of my printmaking and painting classes, plus a little (chromatic) grey for variety.

Ms. Nadine at Tiny Woolf prompted this week's drawing challenge with the theme of HAIR. Please visit her site to explore many other creative interpretations.

March 03, 2014

Spring Thaw 6-Hour Race Garb

 In case you have too many race T-shirts (you sexy beast, you).
Here is a mug  for your morning yeTEA or another libation.

I'm having a blast setting up SHOP for the TARC SPRING THAW 6 HOUR race goodies. Only one guy gets to lurk around as the Yeti (see below) but many can wear a TARC SPRING THAW 6 HOUR T-Shirt. There are also pull-over and zip-up Hoodies, Tanks, Kids and Onesies, too, on American Apparel wear. Men's and Women's Specific T-shirts start at $22.

I don’t put the year on the design so participants may select their favorite no matter what year it is!

Is he making a "heavy breather" crank call?
NO, he's ordering his hoody.  

March 02, 2014

Paw Approved

After sewing up some scarves with my cat print fabric, I made a catnip toy treat from the scraps for a friend's furry fella. But before I could get my coat on to deliver it to the neighbor my cat absconded with the gift! 

Here is The Wookiee checking out the organic cat nip:

 Safely in the clutches of Marco, for whom it was intended: