March 01, 2011

Peak Race for my New Decade

This weekend I'll be smiling pretty in Pittsfield, Vermont to receive some (birthday) spanks by the Peak Race course. 
"Please sir, I want some more?"
I’m in no condition to run a half-marathon on trail sneakers let alone snowshoes, but there it is-- two loops up and down the mountain. Then cake, yes. Cake. Followed by a little more cake, fuzzy drink, fuzzy sleeping bag, fuzzy socks, friends and fire.  Yes, this sounds like a good way to ring in my new decade!

Predictions of snow will only make the Friday and Saturday more memorable…THAT and spending the night and day with my running TUGgers. What fun to meet up again with Breakheart Dan, Kevin Z, Michelle R, and Steve LaTour.  It’s been too long. Will miss other core members who couldn’t make the trek!

So I checked out the event roster and heck, there are a lot of familiar names! This is going to be epic. Looks like a huge crowd overall so I might as well take it from the rear. With 10 hours to complete the miles, I think I can take this on very easily and make it all about the company, the views and being present, every step—every breath.

Hopefully Dan will venture out there with me for a loop; our training is at about the same level  (long pause here…). We have a great time no matter what our speed. I’ve done two snowshoe races of up to 7k and a recent treadmill run for 30 minutes at 3% to 5% grade. This is going to be interesting.
I’ve been looking forward to this. 
BUT, I’ll have to finish before I have any cake!

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