July 20, 2012

Solarfest 2012

Tomorrow morning we head to Tinmouth, Vermont to enjoy Solarfest. This will be my second time thanks to a good friend of mine who first introduced me to the event years ago!  The 2012 schedule is packed with amazing talks, educational booths and events and some intriguing sponsors and vendors. 

Mental to do/to see/to learn list: 
  • Explore personal potential, feasibility and comfort to my buying/building a home that is off the grid;
  • Visit the worm guy and learn about worms and composting;
  • Buy soap berries and bar of tea tree soap;
  •  See what is out there and investigate re-purposed building materials (like the denim insulation dudes);
  • Buy another witty bumper sticker and Eat more Kale sticker;
  • See if I exhibiting as a vendor in 2013 makes sense —with my creations from up-cycled materials; and
  • Have fun with the BF in Vermont enjoying the camping, yummy food and event!
 (all photos by me, the trail pixie)


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