January 23, 2013

Old Meets New: Lavender Sachets made of Antique Doilies and Tea Towels

For years I created fragrant lavender (and balsam fir) sachets for my clothes hangers; I decided it was time to create, and sell, some new designs from my special stash of vintage dry goods. 

Last year I acquired some beautiful antique linen and cotton doilies and tea towels. The stack of coasters made me dream of elaborate and formal dinner parties from decades past. 

Pairing them with linen tape and grosgrain ribbon allows the sachet to hand from a variety of places: closet hook, hanger, bureau knob, purse handle, etc. These can tuck between sheets and clothes for a subtle and relaxing scent. Lavender is a natural and eco-friendly moth repellent, too!  

They make a thoughtful gift for your Valentine, a bride, a beloved, and your hangers...

The lavender I purchased to fill my most recent sachets was grown in upstate New York; it is of exceptional quality. This sachet was sewn from a Vintage Tea Towel from Poland. I love the pink and black linen pattern.

Available at Trail Pixie Studios.


Kristen Donegan said...

these are beautiful Emily!...and I bet smell fantastic :)

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Thank you! They do smell really wonderful. I started to keep many in my closet because I love their smell and when I open the closet door it makes me happy!