January 24, 2009

YakTrax Trial Trail Run

Today I ran through Ward Reservation to try out my new YakTrax. (Thank you, Santa P!) Stretching them over the soles of my trail shoes, while sitting behind the steering wheel, proved both challenging and humorous; they shot-off my sneaker like a rubber band before I could correctly align them. When I arrived the parking area was nearly empty but by the end of my run— an hour later—the lot was full. As this reservation is quite large (and safe), I only saw one woman being walked by her yellow lab.

Ward Reservation encompasses about 700 acres with a variety of fire roads and single track trails that meander through forests, across fields, over hills and by Solstice Stones. The reservation map reflects merely a portion of the existing trail network. It is beautiful in every season—even warmer deer-tick season. I love becoming purposefully lost in these woods. No matter where I am—by the bog or the beavers or Boston Hill—I am present.

This morning I didn't visit Elephant Rock as I usually do because the consistency of the snowy trails resembled room-temperature cookie dough. Instead I chose the Sanborn Trail, which offered flat to rolling terrain on semi-packed surfaces. Actually, snowshoes would have been a wiser choice for the trail and weather conditions today but I was eager to follow my "Trax." This little tuft of animal hair was waiting for me along the way.

At the beginning of the Bog Trail looms a short steep hill that when covered in deep mushy snow and run at a "cabin-feverish" pace proves to raise my heart rate four thousand times beyond resting. Here's a video of the flat trail leading towards that hill.

Trail Pixie Review of YakTrax: terrifix!
These rubber-baby-buggy-bumpers are wrapped with a mortal coil that grips ice and packed snow with a ferocious bite. Be sure not to cinch the Velcro straps around your instep too tightly or your tootsies might tingle.


Dan said...

Nice report and very cool video. I never thought of doing that. Can I steal your idea for a future post? I'm glad to hear the YakTraxs worked well. I ran in Breakheart with my screw shoes today. Cookie dough snow indeed!

Will Cooper said...

Just found your blog through blogger, very cool photos and trails. Don't know how you do it in the snow like that! I'm a So Cal runner and very spoiled by our beach weather. Keep on running!

Unknown said...

I spent some time today after my run drinking my coffee and reading your blog...I can add it to the list of things that make me smile : ) a great blog and very impressive technological know how..I am jealous..the video is so cool...Dan is so right! I left that last race after violent stomach issues ; ) the meds I am on have done some crazy things to my body..every day I wake up I get to enjoy some bizarre new thing : )

I was thinking of trying the yax-trax as these rubber spiked bottom thingies I got this last year for icy winter trails are so hard to put on!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Hi Trailgrrl, I was thinking of trying the Kahtoola Snow Travel Systems. Have you used these? I think Kevin S wore them in the Fat Ass (I wasn't there but someone mentioned this to me). I wonder if those are best for mushier snow. Which flavor have you tried? I hope your meds balance out some as your body adjusts; what a trial! Thanks for sending along a message and spring awaits us!

Unknown said...

First of all, I'm off to the super to buy ingredients for the musili. Yum! I'll think of you while inhaling fragrant fumes. I'm glad I raised such a nature-loving and nature-observant girl! I heard the birds twittering as you ran along the trail. I swear some song birds have arrived early! Mom