April 26, 2009

XTERRA Muddy Moose Trail Race (Steamin' Moose Mud)

At 8 a.m. it was nearly 80 degrees in Wolfeboro, NH for the 10th annual Muddy Moose Trail Races.

This crazy trail run is a test of one's endurance and patience for muddy hills, muddy rocks and sticks, muddy feet and muddy mud. Even though the course was drier due to the HOT weather, it was still muddy generous. Only one draw back: no moose. Our squishing, slotching and splashing probably scared 'em away.

I'd sewn some pink Gator-Bait Gaiters specifically for this trail run because I like the idea of the color pink being soiled with mud. Heh heh heh. I also wanted to test out a new design and fabric so I purposefully passed through later "muddles," (mud + puddle = muddle). (See above inset.)

Photo of post-race, machine-washed gaiters:
licked clean of moose mud.

Two years ago I ran here but today the course seemed different, probably because it sort of was. I was blown away (no pun intended) by the July 2008 tornado's destructive path. The massive upheaval of vast forest lay testimony to the tornado's natural power and beauty. What a sight: Lakes Region Aerials.

Despite the heat and humidity, I managed to feel pretty good throughout the race and power hiked a lot of the early uphills. I didn't want to get too winded nor bonk and planned on having some mucking fun out there today! Success. By the second half of the race, I'd either "warmed up," acclimatized OR the temperature dropped because I was coasting into the final three miles.

It was an "uphell" finish for about the last mile so I was happy to share Dave R's company. By this point my camel back was sucked dry and my Scooby snacks devoured. I'd put two nuun pills into my water bladder, taken three Endurolytes during the run and drowned some Sharkies. My hydration and nutrition plan worked out well.

While a lot of other folks mud wrestled, my goof ball wipe out was on a flat—quite runnable and early—section. My feet got caught up with a feisty branch and I face planted into mushy muddy grass complete with the stick up my skirt. naughty naughty. This must have been a humorous site, especially because no one (nor stick) was hurt in the process. I hope there are no photos of this incident.

Well, even though I ate all of my treats, little did I know there was a feeding frenzy on my exposed back. At about mile 10, I felt something sucking on my lower back and swiped away the attached critter (wasp, bee, Amazon mosquito?). Apparently I'd interrupted a little picnic party! What a bad hostess. Unfortunately, these welts are bigger than they appear in the photo! The bites are red, not my beauty spots which are taupe. Trail Pixie is no worse for the wear.

All-in-all it was a good run for me in very hot and humid weather, which is not my strength. My time was 30 minutes slower than when I ran two years ago at the 2006 Moose when it was 40 degrees, wet and cold. I enjoyed meeting up with Trailgrrl, Randy W, Nipmuck Dave, Tom P, Jen S, Barry P and Paul, and a few Monsters from Maine! XTERRA 2009 Muddy Moose Results: here.


Ron Schinder said...

Your blog is such a wonderful work of art. I enjoy your entries tremendously. The joyful photo montage documenting the deterioration of your feet is genius!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Thanks Ron, It's nice to know that you're reading! Sometimes us bloggers (or is it Bloggists?) wonder who is looking. reading. enjoying. Of course if I'd planned ahead I might have painted my toenails some fun colors! Lately I am getting laughs out of making up new words by combining two other words...FUN! and Silly! Cheers!

kZ said...

Before/After shots.... did you lose a foot in the race?!? Gnarlier than I imagined!!

Dan said...

Nice race pretty in pink. Fast and fashionable and not afraid to get her feet dirty. What a woman!

Running and living said...

I am going to remember this race for next year. I absolutely love mud. Glad you had fun. The gaiters are so pretty! Ana-Maria

Ron Schinder said...

"Lately I am getting laughs out of making up new words by combining two other words...FUN! and Silly! Cheers!"

BEWARE: this habit can lead to public outbursts. I've been fusing words for a long time and it drives my fiance crazy. In line at a local burrito joint a university student said to the cashier that she ordered vegan nachos and I immediately blurted out "VACHOS!" I was excited by the revelation and proclaimed my new word extremely loud. Imagine dead silence from both the cashier and student accompanied by a blank stare. I was the only one laughing.

In retrospect it was nothing more than chips and salsa and I shouldn't make such a public scene.

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Ron looks like had a case of the Blurrittos that day.

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