October 08, 2009

Lost in the Woods: Finding More than a Way Out

Dear Landowner,
I apologize. Yesterday, I accidentally trespassed through your woods and field. I got off trail. While attempting to find the trail proper, I kept returning to your private place set up with two chairs overlooking the view.
Thank you for that special view,
Trail Pixie Trespas

For most of my long run I chose trails that I thought were part of my original and intended route but a few lefts, another right and two more lefts, I was back to that special tree I noted twice before.

What to do?
Pass gently through the woods and head up high to
an opening. Lookout.

The view was breathtaking. Mesmerizing. At that moment, being lost didn't matter. I knew where I was... generally. On the cusp of dusk, a chill in the air and an empty water bottle, nothing mattered but the view. I'd long forgotten about the nutty weather (sun to rain to sun to hail) coupled with "a wind advisory." The mountain blush reminded me of what a gift it can be to get lost.

On my way down through a field and saw a man (whose dog spotted me first) putting his dog back on leash. He waited while holding the dog's collar, and watched as I approached. "Good evening, sir (& a "nice doggy" to your mini horse...oh, I mean dog), Do you know the way out of these woods?" He softly answered, "Yes, of course, I will show you, if you would like."

(Note: childhood lesson "don't talk to strangers" never quite stuck.)

We walked out of the woods, talking about his 170-pound Irish Wolfhound, fiddle playing, and changes to the land and its ownership through which we passed. Then I was invited to meet his ACTUAL thoroughbred horses, one of two barn cats and this trust-worthy land and animal lover. Thank you for being kind and generous of spirit. I discovered so much more than a way out of the woods.

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Getting lost can be so rewarding.


RawBodyGoddess said...

Awesome post. Getting lost certianly can be a beautiful thing...and often comes exactly when we need it. :)

Dan said...

Where the HECK were you!!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Dan, I'll never tell!

Unknown said...

As trail runners I think we go to far flung places to craft and discover with our feet for this very reason. I think when we run out of places to discover, we lose the single most important aspect of our sport.

Great stuff, Pixie!

Unknown said...

Loved reading this post Em : ) and that dog...whoa it is more like a horse!

av女優 said...