October 05, 2009

Breakneck Trail Race 2009

"The muddier you get, the better it tastes."
(my motto for thigh-deep & muddy water-crossings)

The 13th Breakneck 20k Trail Race was Sunday, October 4th, in Bigelow Hollow State Park, Union, Connecticut.

A crowd of 75 familiar faces (and some green trail runners/racers) gathered in the woods for the start as Race Director, Karl Molitoris shared that this would be his final year as RD for Breakneck. Due to more headaches than usual—including state budget cuts, increased fees and other pressures—he's packing it in. Murmurs from the crown mentioned he'd said this before. This time, I believe Karl means business.

He reminded us to be self-sufficient (No aid!). He promised wet feet. He taunted us in good cheer to pay attention. "[None of you dummies should get lost out there this year!]"
"If you're going to lead, you better know the way."

The course was a lollipop: Run the stick to and around the candy-pond. Then return along the stick to the finish. Yum! Sugar-free version: Ridge Trail (4.2 miles) to Breakneck Pond. Run (4 miles) around pond (counter-clockwise or clockwise) on Breakneck Pond View & Nipmuck Trails, respectively, Then back to and along Ridge Trail to finish (4.2 miles).

I watched my footing, tree blazes and commitment to not wiping out nor torquing parts that I shouldn't. Success. Saturday's generous rain slicked up yummy moss-covered rocks and slathered slime on skinned roots. Punctuated with mud-sucking sounds of pretty little "water" crossings.

Demonstrating how to be covered in mud
while still sitting lady-like in a nuu-muu running dress.

Along with the with permanent trail markers, Karl supplemented the course with blue tape strips. As an artist and art teacher, I was pleased with his color choice; it stood out from the beautiful orange and yellow fall colors!
A+, Karl, for color and effort.

Attempting impression of Trailgrrl's grin with KZ

Memorables out there in the Bigelow Hollow:
Overcast skies curtsied to sun. Forgetting quad fatigue from last weekend's effort after 3 miles of running along the Ridge. Observing new trail runner reactions to cute little water crossings. Laughing as I sunk thigh-deep into the muddy water crossing. TWICE. Imagining beavers filming humans for "America's Funniest Lodge Videos." Seeing folks who ran clockwise around the lake (Stass, Amy, Kevin M and Bob W, Carol). Wondering if KZ rand Tom ran against or with time. Laughing with Busa and Barry. Hearing acorns fly through the forest and the laughter of squirrel gangs with pitching mitts. Concurring with Nipmuck Dave on the number of acorn caches and what this means for deer season. Wondering if Stass really does like the taste of mud.

Results on WMAC.
For more details and exciting news check out Scott Livingston's Breakneck Post.

Thanks for the homemade food and great event!


RawBodyGoddess said...

I just LOVE your race reports! LOVE THEM!!! :)

Dan said...

I'm lucky I didn't run this race. The beaver swamp would have been up to my neck. Funny that you mentioned the acorns. I got bombarded in Breakheart yesterday. I can't ever recall so many acorns dropping to the ground at one time.