November 08, 2009

New Stone Cat 50 Mile Trail Race Records

A quick post to share a video of Aliza Lapierre, of Williston, VT, breaking the women's 50-mile course record at the 2009 Stone Cat Trail Race. She finished strongly in 7:19:19, crushing Christine Daly's 2008 course record of 8:06:14.

Aliza (in blue) with her fast-last-loop pacer, Theresa Soracco.

Amy La
ne ran an impressive 50 miles for second woman in a time of "F:AS:T!" with a smile and no-worse-for-the-wear.
Her 7:54:40 ALSO broke the previous woman's course record!

RESULTS for 2009 Stone Cat Trail Races

What's in the bag, Gilly?
Gilly presents Brian Rusieki with some special Ipswich Ale hooch.

On the men's side, Brian Rusieki, from Leeds, MA, broke Leigh Schmitt's 2008 50-mile record of 6:30:08 with a close and "comfortable" 6:27:37. Leigh was right behind Brain with 6:32:06. What a full fall of long races and quick paces for these leaders!
Leigh wraps up another Stone Cat 50.

More postings about the race and the Stone Kitten Posse coming soon...

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