November 08, 2009

Busa Bushwhack Birthday Bash

The Busa Bushwhack 5.3 and 10 mile trail races were especially amazing this year as Richard Busa turned 80 a few days prior to the races. He is a remarkable man who inspires me well beyond the trails. Barry Ostrow, RD, captured this photo of us. I can't help but beam when I am near Richard.

Happy Birthday, Richard!
This year at the Busa, I ran the longer distance (10 miler) as a nice set-up for the following weekend's Stone Cat Trail Marathon. My pace was even and I felt great. I power-walked the ups, rolled along the trails and followed the birthday-pie-plates. In addition to the 5.3 and 10 mile races, some folks found themselves on a slightly shorter course (9 miles, a.k.a. whoops, you didn't see the water stop in the parking lot followed by a very steep but short incline?) or a slightly longer (10+ mile) tour of Framingham's Callahan State Park. I didn't think much of this until I passed a man at about 2 miles to then pass him again between miles 6-7. That's Funny. I was fortunate to stay on course and on pace. Overall it was a much better day on the trail for me than the previous weekend. I owe it to Richard's positive energy!!!

Insider FYI: Barry's considering separating the two races next year. If it's not too complicated for him and the GFRC, that's a wise idea. Regardless, this was a terrific event with a fast field up front and unique awards, fun shhwag and amazing race namesake!

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