December 07, 2009

Fells Trail Race Fall 2009

A quick post to share a few photos from the Fells Trail Race this past Saturday (12/05/09). This was the final race in the 2009 Eastern New England Trail Race Series. Thank goodness the snow came later that day so we can start training for snowshoe fun! 

 No slide show above? Click your heels 3 x HERE.  Repeat after me.

Congratulations to all the eight-miler and ultra-distance racers, first time & veteran Fells runners,  & two to four-legged pacer pals. A huge KUDOS MAXIMUS (new expression) to the ultra runners who ran the eight-mile loop two to five times. For those poor in calculations (Streph T not included) or dizzy in distance disbelief—that equates to 16, 24, 32 &/or 40 miles along the Middlesex Fells Skyline Trail.  Three Loops (durr, 24 miles) or more was recorded for the UltraRunning folk. 

If you've run or hiked the Skyline in the Fells you know it's not some soft-shoe picnic. So y'all matter big time for any distance out there because you hauled yourself to the start line when the down comforter begged you to stay. 

Thanks to Bogie D, and Mike H and friends for their support to runners out there. I for one, wish I got more photos but my battery tuckered out in the cold, understandably as things sometimes do. Exception: Tucker Pero. How many ULTRAS are under that collar?

In case you forgot what the weather was like on Saturday after 12 noon—cold, wet and a perfect concoction for hypothermia. There's no place like home..and a warm comforter...

For results and "the deets" follow the skyline to here. 


kZ said...

Great fun getting to run with you abit on Saturday Em ...thanks for all the photos and commentary - without 'em I wouldn't be able to see all the other fun I was missing! You always send me off smiling ...whether from your photo album, the end of a race, or off on my next loop - and for that I'm continuously grateful. Congratulations on an epic season girl ...rock on.


Unknown said...

Nice work Em! Thanks for the offer, but I remembered that if I use material from others, I need them to sign a Survivor waiver form granting permission and not sure when I'll next see you. I'm sure it'll be soon, but I should have enough material already shot. Thanks again.


Running and living said...

sounds like so much fun. sorry to have missed it. congrats on your race!