January 01, 2010

Happy New Gear!

I've been sidelined for the past three weeks and I am eager to start running—and snowshoeing—soon. Last spring I bought some Dions but barely had one run in them before the melt off gave way to crocuses. 

In February 2009, I ran my first SS race and loved it. I expected it to be more of a heart-poppin', quad-implodin' undertaking but that was not (entirely) the case; it was a fare increase of effort compared to running/post holing through snow. My pace in general may be compared to an excited crawl since I shifted my joy focus towards general fitness with mindfulness in the moment and away from a need for speed

Looking ahead to a speedy and full recovery in ankle health, I signed up for the mid-February Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe 5k.  It fills quickly and there is no day-of registration.  I hope to get out with my Dions well before then to build some strength and endurance. But I must be a smart little snow hare.

Snow Hare and close up of her natural snow shoe foot.

No Break in Breakheart!
After I twisted my ankle in Breakheart Reservation in December,  I was relieved that an X-Ray revealed no fracture or break. With lots of RICE and Active Ankle all-day modeling, I can say I am swiftly recovering. At the time, my PCP recommended I take at least two weeks off before attempting to exercise or run. While he is not a runner nor an image of fitness in general, he is very sympathetic to my endurance urges. In short, he gets it. 

He said that after two weeks, I may safely resume exercising when I have no pain while—or after—exercising. The conundrum is that I usually have some sort of tweak, twinge, tickle that might be considered "pain."  I have a high threshold for running-related discomfort or pain so my task is to listen even more carefully to my body. I just need to play it safe and train conservatively, which isn't a problem. Not training at all WAS beginning to be a problem.

After 14 days of inactivity, my mood met melancholy. Then the endorphin train jumped its tracks; Grouchess Cranky Pants arrived. I was irritable. A sugar glum fairy dark cloud formed overhead. Having been injured before—when I was riding the pine for 9 months —I was prepared. I identified and remdied the unwanted mood sink within 24 hours of its arrival. Whew, dodged it.

Irritability be gone! On day 15 I headed out to the fields and took my running sticks for a spin.  Uneven ground, slanted slopes and ice were probably unwise choices that reminded me of my Breakheart twist. At mile 3.2 I heard a slight whispering ache in my tendon. "No, that can't be.... oh, drat."  I stopped and walked home.  RICE redux

So I bid my inactivity blues goodbye with 2009.  From stair climber, to spinning, to rowing machine, I am mixing it up without stressing my ankle. Another week and I'll be back.

Above is a local melted snow person turned sculpture.

It reminded me of the work of Joseph Beuys (right).

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