February 04, 2011

Snow Time

When snow flakes fall, I get very excited to be outdoors.
 A Mt. Monadnock vista, 1.30.2011

Mid-January, I dabbled in some snowshoe-wogging at the Feel Good Not-so-Great Farm SS Race. With zippo running training, one loop scratched that itch. Hmm. As if that wasn't enough of a "hair sweater," I'm contemplating Horse Hill SS Race next weekend. If I'm there,  I'll  "shovel" (versus "sweep") up the Horse's you-know-what from behind. My attendance, depends on a lot of things, like my hips and legs, hiking plans, a possible xc ski excursion or even just sitting by the fire...

I was told by the specialist at Mass General to not run until March so they can see how the tug lesion has healed, if at all, and how to proceed from there. So, instead of running-training, I've been energized by using the Viper Rope Machine (a lesson in "hard"), xc skiing, hiking and snowshoeing through the woods, blazing trail or in tracks at Great Brook Farm, and missing my running friends. 

I grow excited by snow and xc skiing that I can might easily overdue it. Like today, my hip flexors ache.  After an Epsom salt soak, I'll reassess weekend outdoor adventures and probably find some snow balls and ride the flexible. I'm eager to try the I'll get some snow balls and head out on the slope slider! These would have been epic on the way down Mount Mondanock. Next time.


As a side note, I'm not sure if anyone's noticed the new-ish Epsom Salt marketing geared towards athletes? As if basic pharmacy Epsom salts aren't magical enough, marketers REV'ed it up with aromatherapy and packaging appeal. Epsom Salt is a soothing sprained and/or sore muscle soak, splinter remover, fertilizer and laxative, regardless of some bergamot and lavender essential oils. P.S. Don't drink your bath water. 

Our Mount Monadnock winter hike with was a lot easier (footing and breathing) than I expected. As a planner, I was responsibly over-prepared (smart) with winter-hiking essentials in my 16 pound pack. I am considering investing in a bivvy or solo tent for emergencies. 

My Marmot Contents: a total 16 pounds from down jacket, snowshoes, old-school crampons and Kahtoolas Microspikes (worn), space blanket/shelter, unopened hand/toe warmers, flint steel and dryer lint, war and peace hard cover, small first aid kit, gaiters, balaclava, extra hat, mittens, fleece layer (extra), toilet paper in baggy, kitchen sink, scooby snacks, water, sunscreen/lip balm, army knife, map, goggles, sun glasses, camera, cell phone and chocolate and separate emergency vials of mountain whoop-ass and arctic positive attitude.  

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