April 15, 2011

Bit by the Needle Bug

This spring I've been bitten by the needle bug. 
It looks like this: 

I bought a serger last spring and it sat in the box for months as I was wonderfully distracted by meeting someone special. Now spring is here and I have all sorts of fresh vim and vigor. I am ready to serge, baby.

 This machine is not my serger but a photo of my "work horse." It has multiple bells and whistles. Still, my first love will always be my grandmother's Singer Featherweight
The other night I was inspired to make an article of clothing and take a break from  Gator-Bait Gaiters. So I created my own pattern with inspiration from my collection of running skirts; I kept what I believe to be the "best of" features and added improvements. As I was skeptical of how it would all come together, I chose an inexpensive 100% Polyester Fabric (black and red) with so-so stretch. For the pockets I found a decent square of my circa 2000 Malden Mills Powder Dry. 
 When I start another, with higher quality fabrics, I will improve as either a flap or a zipper to keep my "nuts and berries" secure while I run. 
Photo by Gilles Gonthier
 Surprisingly I didn't need to alter anything AND it fits! I still need to finish the bottom hem so later today I'll explore the various feet attachments (to the machine ;0) so I can finish it beautifully.


pbazanchuk said...

Interesting post.I've used a sewing machine about 3 times in my life but have been thinking about a serger for years. I think Polartec Power Shield would make perfect snowshoeing mitts.
How long do you figure it would take a cabinetmaker to be able to turn out rudimentary products on one of these machines???


Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Hi PB (;0)
While I haven't threaded nor sparked up my Serger YET, Im guessing it will be like going from riding a tricycle to riding a unicycle vis-a-vis my learning curve. But then again I was that kid who could cart wheel before somersaulting. You being a cabinetmaker (heartwood!) puts you way ahead of the curve. If you can dovetail in maple you can sew in "peace."
Trail Pixie