April 19, 2011

Unrequited Love

Last month I met with a neurologist who told me, “You love your [sports] activities more than they love you.” She was responding to my confession that I “binge exercise.” In other words, I do not enter endurance events over trained. She continued, “Well, you are not 20 anymore.”

I unintentionally violated the “10% “rule,” yet again. That rule to not increase one’s mileage over 10% in a given week, etc. Hmmm: On March 5th  I did the SS half. I ran 3.2 miles and 4 miles the week before the 10 mile Merrimack River Race. Sure, I was good for 18.5 miles this Saturday.
The trail loves me, 
The trail loves me not...

I met Breakheart Dan and RunninRob for a fun jaunt along the Bay Circuit Trail 4/16/11.  This marked Dan’s second leg of his BCT 200-Mile Journey. I would love to join him on as many BCT legs as possible —so long as I don’t slow him down, and as long as he can enjoy my goofy jokes, extended walk breaks and overt fashion declarations. If he doesn’t watch out his BCT journey might turn into a Forest Gump-like situation:

We met off Middleton Road in Boxford, Mass., and his wife shuttled us to Prospect Hill (THANK YOU) where we met Rob and started our planned 18.5-mile adventure.  By 8:40 a.m. we were up Prospect, fully engaged in our a power-hike/walk break.   

I was so happy to be out in the woods with friends, sporting my running sneaks and new gator-bait gaiters, my Nathan pack bulging, and Cupid's trail running arrow through my heart.  It didn't matter that the trail was a mess and washed out in places. It didn't matter that I'd slept like a feather all week. It didn't matter that it was 20 degrees cooler outside than it appeared from indoors. We found ourselves doing some extra miles with laughs. It's spring and we had all morning...
The blazes were easy to follow throughout— (well, almost easy in most places...sometimes they were behind us on a tree we passed). Yes, with good company and conversation the miles pass quickly, even if running in circles.
Rob disappears into the woods
So in a nutty shell we got our feet wet (several times), ate, ran, jokes, ate, walked, took photos, told stories, ate some more.  I was no worse for the wear after five and a half hours.   

I feel 20 years-old when in the woods with friends, moving along pine needle trails and wading through cool running water.   If I can't BE 20 again, at least I can run 20. I'll keep asking for the "Trail's Hand."


Dan said...

You were great company. You can run with me anytime. Even if you're not 20 you can act like you're 20!

Unknown said...

Awesome post, Emily....I loved Pepe LePew back when I was a wee one! :-)
Good to see you back out there enjoying the trails again...