January 16, 2012

Thrift Shop: A Juried Photography Exhibition

It's been awhile since I entered my art into a juried exhibition. So when I read the title and description for "Thrift Shop: A Juried Photography Exhibition," I was all in. 
I am an artist who works in many mediums, which makes it challenging to answer simple questions like, "So, what's your medium?" or "What kind of work do you make?"  Basically, my creative ideas and practices beckon different mediums. I am open to a diversity of materials—

"You do not make sculpture because you like wood. That is absurd. You make sculpture because the wood allows you to express something that another material does not allow you to."  —Louise Bourgeois (Interview with Donald Kuspit, 1988)


runwithken said...

How exciting!

And I'm not at all surprised that one medium is not sufficient for your creative vision. Go-o-o, Emily!!

Unknown said...

You do not run trails because you like dirt...that is run trails because the dirt and rocks and roots allow you to express who you are in a way that pavement does not allow you to ...

~Michelle Roy 2012~

Love the idea of a thrift shop it is the diversity of the shops that make sense in terms of your it