February 09, 2013

DC No. 92: Postage Stamp

Postage Stamps are like miniature prints so it's no wonder I still collect them as an adult.  This messy, unarchived box from my childhood stamp collection was just the beginning:
What a surprise to open this handmade envelope containing "music stamps." Hello, 1980's. I think they were from a mail flyer (from BMG?) to buy 10 cassette tapes for $1.  

 This Canada stamp, from my "intended for collage" collection made its way into
an accordion palm book:

 For more postage stamp interpretations please
"pony express" your way to Helen's post.


objects of whimsy said...

gorgeous little book. I love the minimalist design. Soft and muted witht he stamp on the front.
Very clever!

That pile of stamps makes me want to come over and spend an afternoon sifting through them.

Helen :)

renilde said...

it strikes me how we all(participants here) got interested in stamps in our younger years, i recall having a red and a green album but i gave them away years ago to a younger collector,
if i'm right that's a plow on your Canada stamp Emily, and the folding looking like plowed land, furrows, covered in snow(yes it's still snowing here you see ;))

tanïa said...

Oh my god, 80s music stamps!? I'm jealous!!
And your little accordeon palm book is lovely. You could put your favourite stamps into it! ;o)
Happy sunday!

Unknown said...

Hi Emily what a nice hugh collection of stamps and your little accordion palm book looks so cute and this canadian stamp is so very unusal and special.
xx Barbara

Unknown said...

Hi Emily! Yes, that accordion book is fabby! I'd love to feel the texture of it. So inspiring to me. Well, isn't it neat that you have your stamp collection still. What strikes me about stamps is the impossibly saturated colour. How can they get navy blue to be so navy blue...and not fade. This whole drawing challenge experience this week has renewed my appreciation of stamps as an art form. Love the book you made. *smiles* Norma, x
p.s. at the time we had snake as a theme, the snake stamps were not available for purchase yet. Only a week or so later were they sold to the public. Timing is everything hey?

Carole Reid said...

Emily, lovely little book you've created. I had to smile when I read you had separated the stamp for collage. I do that also. Stamps to keep/stamps to collage. Are those stamps in a cigar box? Another treasure. Have a great week.

roberto M. said...

Oh. I would say one envelope-accordion :)
would be interesting to try to mail it.
I like it!

Unknown said...

The atmospheric background of your book cover is perfect for the stamp image. I agree with Carole, stamps to keep/stamps to collage! -sus

mano said...

what a great music stamp collection - I'm jealous too!! and your little book is a beauty! :)) mano

Unknown said...

You site makes me want to create soemthing beautiful...I am not really artistic, but I do really like to create thinsg with old bells...I like buddist bells and beads on twine..I hang them in my plant window...stamps I dont have any but....I do have so many stickers fro when I was little...

Kristen Donegan said...

I agree with Roberto- you could mail it to me- I love your little books! and can't get over what a huge collection you've got!
And I am totally laughing at the BMG reference that brings back a lot of memories!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

OOH, thank you for the kind feedback! I loved this theme so much.