February 17, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis: Back to the Boots

Yesterday at Physical Therapy (for my hips) I asked them to check out the tell tale ache in the arches of my feet. I've been an unlucky recipient of Plantar Fasciitis (no running for nine months one time) so I know when it starts to lurk and dodge and approach and then pounce! I was beginning to feel its loitering...
The PT felt the arch on my right foot and called over the other therapists,   "You have GOT to check this out. Feel this; it is SO TIGHT!" Then the comments..."Anyone have a guitar pick? Let's make some music!" "You need to get that loosened up... wow." " So we'll be seeing you again....soon?!"

Back to the Boots. I've tried a few different boot "flavors" but I enjoy these the most:  Futuro. They are a shorter profile and do not interfere with the knee like the taller versions. They are adjustable and not too hot. They keep the foot in a neutral position at night and tend to not get too tangled up in the blankets. They are inexpensive and do not require a prescription. They are available at CVS, etc.  As a "durable good" they last....

The PT's recommendation when "working my arches" was to do the folllowing:
  1. warm up/heat the arches;
  2.  then work them with roller and nubby ball; and,
  3.  ice them.

Hello, old friends.


    Damon said...

    Sorry to hear about the PF. I've been lucky enough to dodge that one over the years, but I know it's a tough one to deal with. Hopefully you'll be out there soon for that epic comeback.

    runwithken said...

    Oh, man. That stinks. I know how PF can take away a good chunk of the running year. But I see that are sensitive to the symptoms, and are doing what you need to do... I know it won't be long before I see your smiling face as you power-walk past me up some mountain trail!

    Be well soon, Emily.