April 29, 2012


How I have been feeling 
about my hip pain... and what to do about it.

Earlier this month I was diagnosed with a labral hip tear by Dr. Peter Anas who is in the NE Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery Group (NEBH). After he read an MRI report from another facility. He scheduled an Arthrogram MRI  to confirm what he believed to be true, "probable left labral tear secondary to femoroacetabular impingment." I had the Arthrogram MRI a week later and then a week after that I was back in his office reviewing the results. He was stymied. I did NOT have a labral tear. But I do have a cyst inside my bone. OK, what does that mean? How did it happen? what could possibly cause it? How can I prevent it from worsening? Hypothetically even....throw me something to think about, consider, work on.... 

To my questions, the doctor answers, "I do not know." (Honest, okay).
When I asked him what I can do about it (and the pain). His response was, "You'll just have to live with it." THAT was not an acceptable answer and I mentioned this (politely) to him. So...He prescribe some (crazy-making, short-term) medicine and sent me on my way... Would there be a follow up? No. I left with the same diagnosis I knew I had over a year ago:
(Left: first diagnosis; Right: second diagnosis)

I am the tortoise and finding the right path to follow towards healing is a SLOW and STEADY Process, indeed.


RawBodyGoddess said...

By any chance is it an Osteochondroma? If it is...I have a Dr. for you...

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

I will find out! It MIGHT be FAI but this Osteochondroma is an accompanying possibility (in my non-medical profession opinion). If it is, I will give you a call. I want to get bakc out there with y'all...though volunteering does scratch the social aspects of running!

RawBodyGoddess said...

Jeffrey has one in his arm. Happens to be in a spot that doesn't bother him but surgery to remove it will be on tap if/when it does. I LOVE the doctor we see, he is in Worcester so a bit of a drive but he is one of THE best. :) Thinking good thoughts for you my Pixie friend!