June 12, 2012


Been far too long since I posted. 
Been hiding out in my little shell doing my thing. 

I think about my hip like a turtle in its shell with what appears as a durable exterior with a soft and delicate interior.

My HIP update: Slow and steady to heal.  My Labrum is not torn but is very "frayed." Think shag carpet.  The hip joint is extremely inflamed and has been for what appears to be a very long time (year plus).

In these past months I have been to another hip specialist (this time at Brigham and Women's) who said, "You can immediately stop doing any of your exercise activity." Ummmm. How do I stop doing nothing? The last time I ran was in March while trying out the course for the Spring Thaw. That's it. It is hard to run when walking hurts.

ON the upside my hip got some special attention from three doctors at BWH last month while I got an injection.  One of the doctors was the lucky needle bearer, poor fellow. THAT shot into my hip joint was a very difficult and painful procedure. Let's just say there was not enough numbing agent. Still, the lidocane relief was immediate. My favorite part was after I got off the table and tested out my doped-up hip the doctor in charge said, "Now don't go out and run a marathon or anything crazy like that, hhaaa haa haaa(wink wink nudge nudge)." Oh great drat. THe hips takes a very long time, like the tortoise.

I have been against (depo medrol) cortisone injections for years and resisted them through PF by taking time off. But the hip is different. It is bossy. So I must fold...this was my first ever cortisone injection —I thought the body could heal on its own. My PT and not the Doctor at BWH convinced me that this was a very necessary injection because the hip needed help to calm down so it can heal without the constant "warfare" in there.

The doctor said "You do not need surgery—not yet." He's sending me to a new physical therapist who specializes in slow and careful "reintroduction."


RawBodyGoddess said...

Aw, Pixie....I am so sorry this is taking so long. Patience is a tough thing to have when all you wnat to do is get out there and get doin'! Hoping your hip responds to this latest treatment and you can heal up slow and steady :)

Dan said...

Em, I hope this takes the pain away and you new PT gets you healthy soon. When can we go for Kane's?