November 24, 2012

Broadside Basic Letterpress at the Museum of Printing

Today I treated myself to a letterpress workshop focusing on the Broadside, led by Ted Leigh (Red Squirrel Press) and Katey Corrigan both of the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA.

This one-day workshop provided and excellent opportunity to finish carving my relief plate of a Shadowgraph and get inky. The wooden and metal type from which to choose was limited and pushed my concept for the better. 
 Scrapping haiku poems, I went for one encompassing word:  Shadow. My hope was to echo its meaning visually through my selection of font/type style, scale and arrangement, and to gesture towards narrative via smaller words/sounds/shapes within the larger word.  

 "Shadow." This is a detail from the broadside.
I was especially delighted that the small "o" didn't solidly ink. 

Organizing the wood/metal type as I did—in a non-linear, sideways and graphic composition—took more time to finish because of the uneven spaces between the letters. My friend Sally poked that this is what happens when artists and the  letterpress meet— A systematic and organized method is turned on its head. 

 I call this image:"Font settling score with Artist."
Above is my finished/carved relief plate in the galley with type. 
Notice anything funny? Neither did I— until I proofed the plate:

ShaBow. That little "d" or a "p" was a "b."

Proofed again & Much better after the correction.

 Devin, Katey, Amy (at press) and Sally. 

 Aron at the Vandercook.

 Katey: type in hand.

 Devin's broadside on the Vandercook.

Ted Leigh, Red Squirrel Press, rolls up a baren.

Devin composes..

 Aron organizes the type.

The stained type is so beautiful.

My broadsides drying at home.
Before trimming paper scale is 24 inches high and 15 inches wide. 
I will probably scale print down to 17 h x 14 w.

MANY THANKS to the MoP, Paparazzi Di Frank R., and especially to Katey and Ted for their volunteered time and dedication. Sally for her inspiration and help with the puzzle that was my word. Sorry about the tympan today!


Kristen Donegan said...

Wow! wonderful print and sounds like a really great workshop!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Kristen, I think you would have enjoyed this workshop. I am eager to do more and there is an advanced workshop coming up sometime in the spring (perhaps involving two color printing versus one). I will let you know if I am going.

Patrice A. said...

these looks great!
I have never made a letterpress
and would have loved to join this workshop

hope to 'see' you at the DC


Patrice A.

Unknown said...

This is beyond cool! how I would love to have a speaker come into my class to discuss these amazing tools used to make ed and art so many ways that they are connected : )