April 29, 2013

TARC Spring Classic 2013

Perfect weather for the TARC Spring Classic Races last Saturday in Weston, Mass.  I was happy to spend time with the trail running community, to volunteer, and to support over 300 runners from registration to the aid table.

Getting the "Greg Lowe-down" on grilled quesadillas gave me the idea of serving pancakes at the start/finish aid station the morning of the TARC 100. I'm also thinking about a few hot pureed (sans dairy) soups like potato, sweet potato or carrot. We're also thinking of serving PIZZAS like Bogie used to have at the end of the Fells Race. So far so good?

Bill Howard and I are Co-Captains of the Start—Finish Aid Station and besides  race-day food-cravings for ultra runners we are ALSO on the lookout for volunteers anytime between—June 14 through June 16!
Curious? Please check out the race site for details: TARC 100 & 50 Milers.

For the past few weeks I duct-taped my mouth closed so I would not spill the beans about 2013 Spring Classic T-shirts!! These were un-caged last Saturday to all the runners from 10k to 50k. 
 Bob gave me carte blanche in the design with the only stipulation that "It needed a Yeti..."  Umm,  no problem, Bob. Promospark did a great job and I am thankful that "Dallas Green" is not the color of caterpillar guts  or electric kiwis but more of a Kelly green. Here's the way it all played out:
(Photo from Wendy Cashen Akeson)

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