October 29, 2013

Wrist Warmers —for adults and kids

When I visited my friend in California, I gave her son a pair of fleece wrist warmers. When he put on the monkey sleeves his imagination exploded into a thousand possible uses, which he demonstrated with unbounded energy. He used them as saws, deflected oncoming enemies, waved arms of fire, roared like a dragon and twirled like a propeller.
When he first put them on.
At the dinner table getting ready to cut his meal into pieces. 

I have a room full of Malden Mills Polartec fleece and decided the season is right for some cozy fun! These wrist warmers, cuffs, gauntlets, mitts are like portable mountain ranges. I originally made these because the edge of my laptop is so sharp, the fleece cushions my hands while typing....

Available at Trail Pixie Studios Shop.
More coming soon.

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Kristen Donegan said...

They look great Emily! I especially like the blue ones ;)