November 16, 2014

Creative Problem Solving: Reversible Hat

Yesterday I put down my school grading and set to resolve a creative conundrum that I'd been thinking through. Because thinking alone was not leading to results, I started to create some tactile solutions out of fabric.
The question at hand:
How do I make a reversible hat—
in as few steps as possible?

The process took about an hour and roughly two large hats (one you see here) and four little doll-size caps. When I thought I had it, I zipped confidently to my machine to sew, when I turned the hat right-side-out . . . nope, nope again, drat. It was time to reflect on my process. I needed to slow down and pay attention to the incremental stages because to reverse one or two of them meant the hat would not be correct. 

Figuring out how to make this hat, without a pattern, took some trial and error, allowed for ideas about possible innovations, and was fun. My brain felt good making various iterations—and the hat fits comfortably!

I've sewn (hats) since high school, mostly with Malden Mills fleece. Now that I have all these fun spandex prints, I am branching out and plan on combining the two materials.
 New fabrics in my stash:

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