March 28, 2009

The Fells: Same Time, Different Place

Last fall I ran the 8 mile Fells Trail Race to cap off the Eastern New England Trail Race Series (ENETRS).

It was my final 2008 race and my fourth race in November, which was a lot to for me! With tired legs—and November's Stone Cat Marathon Trail Race in my quads—I had no business being at the race beyond accumulating some series participation points.

With a very small, 8-miler field, I had a good run; I placed 3rd overall! This was funny to me because I am nearly always a happy middle-of-the pack finisher.

The race-day course is configured like a lollipop, where the
stick leads up to the "circular-pop" loop of the Skyline Trail. It may be run in either direction at one's discretion.

In November I ran counter-clockwise and finished in 91 minutes (1:31:03). (11.08 Fells Results, 8m.)

The 2009 ENETRS kicked off with the 8 mile Fells Race this March. Having trained with running friends this winter along the Skyline Trail in the clockwise direction, I chose that way on race day. I was curious to see how my race fitness & time compared by running this route versus the other one from November.

My March, clockwise time was 91 minutes (1:30:30).
Merely 33 seconds faster than in November! The March, 8-miler field was just as tiny but faster. I placed 7th overall with the same finishing time. (More chuckling.)

Many thanks to Kevin for his warm up miles and to Bill for pulling me up those hills and into the finishing stretch! I am by no means a fast runner but enjoy a good trail challenge from time-to-time and to see of what I am capable on a given course, day &/or duration. The trails were giving and I felt strong both mentally and physically; Bogie D's race offered a fun start to the trail season.

I hope the Ultra runners out there— repeating the 8 mile loop—were pleasantly "lapping up" the terrain!?


Dan said...

Emily, Nice race, 33 seconds is still FASTER! Love my squirrel shirt but after seeing yours I wish I stuck with the green. Later....

Unknown said...

Congrats on middle of the pack for you!!!!!!I dropped out after 24 miles..felt sick to my tummy so I decided to pull a wimp out...I think Kevin finished 4 loops as Dan wrote in his blog...boy now I feel like a huge baby : )

Running and living said...

COngrats Emily! Being 33 seconds faster after a long winter is a huge accomplishment! See you on the trails! Ana-Maria