September 17, 2009

Vermont 50 mile Relay

(Field Pond in Harold Parker State Forest and an early fall sunset, Andover, MA)

Fall is one of my favorite running seasons. The crisp air, colorful mountain blushes, fewer bugs and a buffet of trail events from which to choose more than make up for its shorter days.

Over the first official weekend of fall, I'll be exploring Brownsville, Vermont with friends while running on a 3-person relay team, Hairy & the Tortoises, in the Vermont 50 Mile Ultra Run. Initially I planned on the VT 50k but I recently ran a trail 50k at the end of August and I don't want to risk fatigue or injury going into the Stone Cat Trail Marathon in November.
So, the relay option is a sensible way to get in the distance and climbing over rugged trail terrain, as well as to sample a beautiful course through a lot of privately owned land. (Thank you, VT Folks!) The first leg is 12.3 miles, the second is 19.6 and the last is 18.1 miles. I'll be the tortoise in the middle on leg #2. Purr-fect!

In addition to a relay, the VT50 offers a 50 mile Mountain Bike Race and 50 mile Ultra Run and a 50k. These start and finish at the Ascutney Mountain Resort while the course rides/runs through Hartland, Windsor and West Windsor.

Hairy & the Tortoises will follow up post race!

The Run Scout is a terrific site with
interactive and satellite maps (for many places/races).


Unknown said...

That sounds like so much fun.

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Hi Meg, two of the three relay runners on "Hairy & the Tortoises" are new to the course so we'll let you know what we got ourselves into and out of soon! It's sure to be a voonderbar circus at the start.