September 07, 2009

Wapack Trail Race

I meandered along the Wapack Trail (starting from Windblown) to take photos of trail racers and friends, take in the views, and to take time to recover and reflect. While it would have been a treat to participate in the full distance, my eight-mile power-hike—with spurts of wogging—was a wise and timely choice.

For more information (& MAPS) about the Wapack Trail check out Friends of the Wapack.

Here's a course description from the Race Director, Paul Funch:

"The race is 17.5 miles. The course is an out-and-back that follows the Wapack Trail between New Ipswich, NH and Ashburnham, MA. There are four major mountains in between: Barrett, New Ipswich, Pratt, and Watatic, from north to south. Total climb is said to be about 3,700 feet. On a clear day, you can see for miles, including stunning views of Mt. Monadnock to the northwest..."

Below is a link to photos of many runners in the 2009 Wapack Trail Race.
  • RESULTS. (Scroll to bottom of results for excellent race write up by Paul Funch.)