January 16, 2010


Early this morning I was greeted by a gnathering of 50 gnomies on my front yard.

I gnot up early and heard them begging at my door for toadstools and other gnwoodland delights.  


My residential gnome was a bit caught off gnuard as his sweeping wasn't complete and his stoop was a bit untidy for visitors.

Local, Buzz  Lightyear,  immediately mingled...

(Gnome language merely requires 
the addition of "gn" to the beginning of all words "gnomey.") 

Many gnthanks to these Gnomads for visiting.  
Toadstool for one—Toadstools for all!


Unknown said...

OOOHH, I saw the little gnomes as I drove by! they filled me with gnlee!
thought the dorm kids made them- I pictured a bustle of activity & joy & excited energy- & the preparation of making the colorful cone gnomehats.
ohohohoho, xoxfran

Miriam @ Sometimes Sporty said...

Had to see it to believe it. That's absolutely awesome.