January 23, 2010

Feel Good Farm Snowshoe Race (Touchy Feely)

With the nearby  Granite State Snowshoe Series underway, I'm emerging from hibernation to run some events with Dungeon Rock Racing.  Last weekend's race at the Feel Good Farm in Lyndeborough, NH, proved to be a positive learning adventure:

  • There is a left and a right for snowshoes. The straps must pull towards the outside of the shoe to prevent tripping on them. It was my first time in my Dions, my second ss race, and maybe 6th time ever on ss's.  Many thanks to Stu for pointing out my ss were on the opposite feet! 

This pup is all ears because the race benefited the Happy Valley Animal Rehab. 
  • Snow makes Snowshoing easier. Another good idea is to avoid running over rocks and sticks. Busted bindings are a bummer. The un-official "tough nugget" awards went to Breakheart Dan and Miriam for running with broken ss's.
  • Newbies to the Back. For a recreational, trample-free, smile-filled, snowshoe race, start at the back of the very back of the back pack. Last. Then, if your feeling in the mood, work your way up through the field. 

Steve  and I lined up behind everyone else. We kept it conversational for our warm up together (eeer...warming up is the first mile of the race, right?). We laughed our way over the river and through the woods. We didn't get to grandma's house but I  was encountered by a "wolf" at one point! 

Steve is an animal (but not a wolf). He was on fire. In fact, I believe he melted the snow.  His competitive side kicked in and he dashed away—leaving me (and Dan) to snow drift.  Still, my conservative start earned a negative second lap as I passed several folks on the downhill and finished happy.  The cauldron of Portuguese Kale Soup at the finish line sure felt like being at Grandma's! 

 My what big snowshoes you have!
 Photo above by  Scott Mason Photography


Dan said...

I'm very impressed you ran negative splits on that very difficult course. My splits were negative too, meaning they got worse with every mile.

Unknown said...

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