March 20, 2010

Spring's Huckleberry

A bunch of surprises this week led up to this fabulous first day of spring. 

Apart from learning of the pinched nerve in my back, which is on the mend, spring is fresh and blooming. To quote a friend, “you just can’t seem to catch a break!

This seems to be the theme of the last few months but why droop; I am relieved nothing is broken and with any setback —minuscule or mountainous—I’d rather focus on the positive. 

Life   is   becoming  a   whole   lot   better.
I    l o v e   s p r i n g !

First, my grant came through to participate in what I refer to as Summer Art Camp for Adults. While my summer takes shape, it appears I’ll be spending a lot of time in the Green Mountain state between Solar Fest, ANE Workshops, the Vermont 100, and visiting family and friends. 
I love VT!

Also, on Friday I met my baby niece Brooke for the first time; she is a peach flower of adorableness! Then, I stopped in REI for new bicycle shoes and also discovered two new gel flavors: Jet Blackberry by GU and Hammer’s Montana Huckleberry. 

By Saturday, daylight savings settled into my waking routine and I was up and out to Bradley Palmer to run with some of my T.U.G. peeps, Dan and Rob, for what turned into a fun Mud Fest 4000Hello, VT 50—2009. 

Our meeting spot(s) were flooded out:

Deciding we didn’t want to start our long run by passing through three feet of moving water, we headed to another lot. After a few crazy loops, loopy conversations, and moss-inspired Haikus (I'll keep those to myself), I shoved off after 2:15 hours on the trails. Dan and Rob dove back in to wrestle another 10k. 

I visited New England Running Company in Beverly before satisfying my burrito fixation at Rawbert’s Organic Garden with their Guacamole Burrito. 

...And what an unexpected surprise to lunch with the Callaghans & company!

If I feel fit in the early morning, I'll head east tomorrow to the Mount Holyoke Range for some training. Hopefully, my jaunt along the 7 Sisters won't be a huckleberry over my persimmon

Note: This expression refers to something that's just a little bit beyond one’s reach or abilities.

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Unknown said...

I am glad you were able to feel the TUG this weekend. Where are the t-shirt designs? I've got twenty bucks burning a hole in my pocket.