March 04, 2010

Out of Hibernation

Spring is my favorite season with fall a close second. But if it isn't going to snow anymore, then I just assume encourage my dafooldils to keep pushing their way through the blanket of mulch and leaves. 

A New Englander to the core, I hold out hope for one more snow storm before the end of March. Flowers or snow,  I  emerge this March from hibernation— from my bear-like "winter lethargy." 

My 2010 training has been groggy from the start with about 60 miles in January, along with 10 days of cross-training, rowing, and cross-country skiing.  

February looked increasingly promising until I added one little straw that broke this back. Not literally.  

In addition to training, I moved a lot of furniture in Dec. & Jan., including one especially large metal flat file  that was stacked on top of a solid oak flat file. Wake up call. Bring, bring... Darwin Awards. After a few days rest I started up my usual winter work out, treated myself to very deep tissue message and entered a weekend road race. That was the straw

After 17 months of running  exclusively off-road, I thought it would be fun to run in the Bradford Valentine  Run. Good run! Bad timing. My pace was conversational & I felt comfortable throughout. With a mile to go, I thought I might pick up the pace a bit as I felt way, too, comfortable.  I love the fast down-hill finish & even kicked it as I tried to pass the lady in the tutu. All's well that ends well. Until later that day when I had some trouble.  Ice and Ibuprofen...Then to the doctor's office for strict orders, a diagnosis (back muscle spasm) and some muscle relaxants....

The doctor looked at me and in his Russian accent delivered the news, " No running, no rowing, to biking, no skiing. Nothing below the waist."  A pause. A look of concern (me to him).  "Emily, because I know you need to do something, I give you these exercises and gentle stretches.... And this prescription."  
Alas, I rested for two weeks, which felt like a winter hibernation. On day 15, I decided on a little test run, followed the next day by a sampler at  Dan's Fat Ass Birthday Suit Run.  

 As I attempt to increase my training, please do not stop & ask me for directions nor offer to give me a ride—
no matter how lost you are or how lethargic I appear:
Got snacks...?


RawBodyGoddess said...

That 3rd stretch was the one I was trying to describe to you!

Feel better we can slog along together sometime!!!

Unknown said...

Yippee that you are back to it pretty pretty kitty...If you want join us at the cars at Blue Hills for the 10 mile second loop we do Saturday (the total 26 miles will be about 6 hours) starting at 9 a.m. so the first 16 will take till about 11:30 - noon and we stop at the rangers station for food and drinks so if you met us at noon you could join in for a relaxing 10 miler : ) then we can go out for yummy food : )