March 30, 2010

Atalanta Athleticwear Explores New Adventures

"The goddess of travel and adventure, Atalanta was a legend for her athletic prowess, as well as her courage and willingness to stand up for her personal values. Sought after by many, she preferred first to see the world and ran like the wind in an effort to earn this right. "
(Atalanta, Greek marble statue; in the Louvre)

The passage above is from the Atalanta Athleticwear site where I found an exceptional running skirt. Over the last few years I purchased several commitment skirts in different colors. The sizing was always the same between orders & colors; the attention to craft & construction was always impeccable. 

After inconsistent orders from and Skirt Sports, I've determined that Atalanta Athleticwear takes the gold.

In my quest for exceptional running skirts, I did not discover any athletic skirt—with compression shorts beneath—that exceeded the quality & comfort of the commitment garment. The commitment is for women who wish to wave so long to chub rub and hello long- and short-run comfort!

The committment skirt has two outside secure pockets with shorts beneath that don't travel; it's my choice for long runs in both cool and humid weather.  

"Does this skirt make my butt look fast?" tm

With sadness I read an e-mail from the owner that she will begin to liquidate her inventory. As she explores opportunities, I hope she finds a way to keep some of our favorites available for the long term. 

  Thank you, Heather! Thank you, Atalanta!

Heather, of Atalanta Athleticwear, e-mailed her coustomers: 

"It is quite difficult for me to say this, but the time has come for atalanta to reach for a different golden apple.  As many of you know, atalanta athleticwear is really just me - a one woman show, and was started because I could never find anything that I wanted to run in. This has been great fun, but I still have a regular job.  Circumstances in my life no longer allow me to serve as chief marketer, customer service representative, shipping department, product developer, operations manager, saleswoman extraordinaire, webmaster, bookkeeper...


Unknown said...

Great news!!! The favorite atalanta skirt - the commitment running skirt, is once again available with a new batch arriving next week, fun new colors and all.

No April Fools Joke! Get 'em while you can at


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