April 17, 2010

4 For Our Troops Run/Walk

How satisfying to be able to jog to the start of a race.

This morning I woke early enough to clear the sleep from my eyes, slip into my trainers and bop over to our town green to check in for the 4 For Our Troops run/walk, which benefited Homes for Our Troops

"Homes for Our Troops helps adapt existing homes or build specially adapted homes for Servicemen and Women who gave to their country and  have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries. —paraphrased from pamphlet

The event was free of charge but donations were encouraged. I dropped some greenbacks into the can, received a complimentary race t-shirt & goody bag with enough time to run back home drop it off, grab a pair of gloves & a hand-held, before  returning to the start with about 10 minutes to retie my sneakers a few times. 

The drizzle and 40-degree temperatures did not deter local townspeople, walkers and runners. I was happy to see so many familiar faces in the park to volunteer and participate. 

Today's Course
GPS Note: Technically the loop—to be repeated 4+ times—was  actually 1.25-miles.  I was happy about this, hoping to log more anyway. 
Start at the bandstand, head in the direction of the Townsman before turning left, sharply, onto Bartlett Street. Head up Bartlett's gradual incline. From Bartlett turn left onto Morton. There's a sizable hill on Morton, too, runnable and challenging. At the bottom of Morton at the intersection, take another left onto Chestnut Street before heading back into the park for another 3+ laps. 


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Dozin' Toes is not good :)

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