April 01, 2010

Skug Discoveries

How do I know it is spring? 
While on a trail run, I ate a small flying insect.

Today the Skug River Trail was swarming with growth and green.  I stopped a lot on my run, kneeled in the wet mush, soiled my knees, tuned my camera to macro and started clicking.

Trail Pixie's 
Spring Foolin' Photo Journal:
The Moss Woozle, as discovered in its native habitat.

 Eggs from an unidentifiable animal. 

 The tiniest of Bark Breasts.

Frog sublimation. 

 Class 5 Frog Rapids.

Wild Wet Willies.
Less known as beaver, badger and bear Q-Tips.

Here's my prince enjoying the care-free current:

While some folks try to skirt a flooded trail, 
I decided the best approach was 
to pass directly through the drink:

 Trail Pixie Water-Crossing Wisdom:


pathfinder said...

Wow!! great photos and video...I felt myself strangely attracted to the bark breast..........those eggs seem really strange and unprotected from pedators. I wonder what animal they are from?

Unknown said...

Now THAT is Spring in New England!

Dan said...

Oh, I missed out on more water crossing!

Jordan said...

Yeah, looks like a tough spot. If you could get over on river-left, maybe you could boof that pourover moving a little right, pointing a little left and try to get through the shoulder of that hole. Or maybe far river-right there's a weak spot you could get through. The problem is, all the water is trying to push you into the hole, and it doesn't look punchable. It's hard to really say what your choices are without seeing the lead-in though. Down the center might even be viable. I mean, it's 50/50 that thing's gonna flip you, but it doesn't look there's a whole lot of backwash downstream so you probably wouldn't get too badly worked. And of course, it's all really hard to tell without video at least. That said, I think I'd probably walk it. At the very least I'd watch what happened to some others before deciding if I was going to do it myself.

RawBodyGoddess said...

You are awesome. I particularly like the tree breasts ;)