May 11, 2010

May Day May Day

In May I ramped up my mileageover March and April's totals.
And I felt it. 

On Mom's Day, I opted to get in a long run close to home and headed to Bradley Palmer for GAC's 6 Hour Mother's Day Run/Walk. When I arrived at the race with limited sleep from back-to-back exceptional days, I was primed to float. 

I'm not sure from where I got the energy but I thought the longest I would run would be a solid 18 miles. Well, leave it to fuzzy math in the end, I kept on going, and going and going. Pre-race, I told Kevin S to "Stop me if I want to run more than 18 miles." 

When I rolled through 18 miles he was running with his wife on some laps and I missed them. So, I kept rolling along and at mile 21, Breakheart Dan said, "Hey Em, why don't you go for the marathon distance?"
I did that and a little more...
For extra credit.
29 miles.

Dan captured this photo of me feelin' frisky in my leopard top. 

The Mother's Day course is significant in that I gain versus  drain personal power with each 3-mile loop.  This year I  reflected on the positive changes and gifts in my life and ran happily, thought a lot about people  who are special to me. From where my energy and power emerges I do not know but I surmise it's from being inspired, from spring, from being present as I sail along. There's no competition out there not even between me and the trail, roots, ascents/descents. 

At left, Aliza Lapierre ran 45 miles for the new overall course record.
Ron Farkash ran 41 miles (he ran 44 miles a few years back). .It's amazing what these front runners accomplish in 6 hours.  

I loved running with and seeing some of my trail peeps and possee!   
You know who you are.
Also a warm trail welcome to my grade-school play mate & running friend, Kristen S, who brought some of her MVS pals to the woods to play on Mother's Day.

Thanks GAC!
My car trunk —aid station

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