August 31, 2009

Green Lakes Endurance Runs 50k

On Sunday I was up in Fayetteville, New York for the Green Lakes Endurance Runs. The course was a 7.77 mile loop repeated four times for the 50k (31 miles) and eight times (62 miles) for the 100k. Results for the 50K.

With four loops to run, I was thankful the terrain varied from wide trail along the water's edge to steep rock n' rooty ascents & descents, open & grassy single-track through shadowy woods and the Serengeti meadows with a stretch of asphalt & pebble before the main aid station. The springy woods chips along the Green Lakes were my favorite footing and added relief from cambered trail.Despite a downpour the night before, the trails were pretty clear of mud baths. The temperature rose from 56 and 72 degrees during the 50k and the famed Serengeti was sunny but not roasting due to overcast periods. Still, I prepared for heat and planned my hydration and nutrition well and without incident. The popsicles at Farmer's Hill aid station were majestic! Thank you, too, for iced cola! I swear those brought back the "yip" in my "yippee!"I started the race with Breakheart Dan who was doing a different Galloway schedule than I so we didn't get a chance to see each other until the finish. It was a nice surprise to see the lead lapping runners a few times (kudos to Paul for 3rd overall in the 50k) and to chat and check-in with folks along the way, such as Barbara S. and Amy L. (who took 2nd woman in the 50k). Laurel Valley was running the 100k (which started 45 min. before the 50k) and as synchronicity timed it, I could cheer her on along the sections of two-way trail traffic.

With 150 total runners in both events, the pack quickly spread out, which meant I ran solo for nearly 6+ hours. I enjoyed this immensely and got into the zone between thinking about love, my life choices, running and the insightful conversations during the (5+ hour) ride to upstate NY with two new running friends. What a positive rush to see them out on the course. They both clocked impressive and inspiring times on their first 50ks!

Theresa (132) finished 4th overall woman and
Amy (139) took 8th overall woman.

This was also my first official 50k. I've run the distance before at GAC's 6-hour (31 miles in 5:55:55 in 2008) but never as a sanctioned 50k proper. Frankly, my longest runs in the two weeks prior to the 50k were a 10 and 12 miler. I was curious. How this would play out? Considering my low-mileage training, I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with my finishing time and endurance tune-up. While my splits weren't negative as I hoped, they were pretty consistent with no dramatic slow-downs over the 31 miles.

Below: Finishing lap #3.
With 23.3 miles down and just 7.77 miles to go!

Lap 1 —1:31:39

Lap 2 —1:34:22
Lap 3 —1:37:03
Lap 4 —1:38:41

Overall I ran, walked, and power-hiked a 6:21:44. I'd hoped to break 6 hours but not knowing the course and my low mileage, I soon recognized the goal as unrealistic for the day so in my second lap I set a new goal to break 6:30. My last half-mile was a sprint to the finish in an 8:27 pace!

If I can do that after 31 miles, I am probably not training nor running to my potential. BUT I am running happy, which matters to me more.

The Loop course with Mile Markers "M"
The Elevation Profile of one loop:What goes up must come down.


Unknown said...

Yeah! Congratulations. Sounds like you had a fun and positive experience and your time was great!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Thanks, Meg. It was a positive experience, challenging and worth it!

Dan said...

Nice Run Em! How are you feeling? I slept most of the day away.

RawBodyGoddess said...

You ROCK girlfriend!!! That is awesome! How 'bout VT?

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Dan, my quads are beat. Picture a puppy at the top of a staircase trying to go down for the first time...that's me on the stairs. Better today than yesterday! Spent Monday in my PJs all day!
Julie, jury is out for VT. Mind is willing, VERY WILLING, body must catch up along with common sense check in when "recovered." I'll let you know if I'm coming up and I'll bring my tent!

Unknown said...

Brilliant work, Pixie! I'm sorry to have missed it. I find walking backwards helps on the stairs.

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