May 27, 2010

"Reset My Head Set"

I love that expression. 
This past year I've done just that with clear and present results. Without going into detail I will say my relationship with running and race events is linked to pressing "reset." It continually evolves, matures and offers learning opportunities.

For starters, I am grateful to be able to run. This winter I pinched a nerve in my back. My chiropractor loosened me up with adjustments, vibrating jiggle beds, and "The Rollers." I feel awesome and believe my  health and well-being have improved dramatically. 

As for my friends on the running D.L., my heart and "gallon vat" of BenGay muscle rub goes out to Breakheart Dan. He's mending an injury and being more patient then ever before.  It stinks old freezer-burned fish-sticks not to be able to run.  It just makes you want it more. 

Put up your Duke's, Injury!
  & Take that, Tarter Sauce.

Running is my sanctuary, as well as, one of my social scenes. I try to keep them in balance. I decided to not run this all....instead it was time to recharge and reset. In a nutshell, there are only so many slices in the energy pie. 

Socially, I've rekindled my love of the solo long run. YES,  I enjoy company—and miss my core running peeps— but also cherish my long solo runs as they give me time to think on things, talk to myself and to moss clusters, Yoda,  and into the wind.  

What else? It feels excellent to NOT be double-hitched to the Mountain Running Circuit. Last year I ran the entire series (for my Mountain Goat Hooves, giddy-up) and the 2009 Mount Washington Road Race. That was seven "up-hilly + more incline"  races in eight weeks. Or was it six races in seven weeks? Good, I've already forgotten. I have no regrets in my commitment to it last year and had a blast seeing everyone every weekend.  I'll see some of them soon I'm certain. 

Indeed, back-to-back races & weekends grows old. Mother's Day Ultra then Soapstone Mountain Race 24k, was a test of endurance on a few fronts. Reset. 

I wanted to see what these legs could do a week after running 29 trail miles. Well, they got to about eight miles into the woods and decided their mitochondria weren't feeling so mighty mouse. I pulled through, dug deep and with a smile, and ran the remaining 6-7 miles on happiness, hope and love. I'm convinced that running the mountain circuit last year gave me some hill strength as I passed several people on the "killer hill" just moving at an unforced uphill pace. (Above running photo by Scott Mason)

The morning of the Northfield Mountain Race, I loved being able stay on the island, gaze out the window and listen to the birds. The freedom to play things out, moment-by-moment, run-by-run is a gift I rediscover daily. Thank you. 

Time to reset.


RawBodyGoddess said...

You are seriously a bucket of sun :) What a great post. Good for you for doing what is right for *you* and you look awfully cute in pink doing it! :)

pathfinder said...

I know what you mean about the "solo" long run....people think I am crazy because I not only do it quite often, I really do enjoy my own company. There is simething to be said about allowing the brain to just "coast" which is imposible with running partners.