July 13, 2010

Promises, Promises

This summer, I promised I would rekindle my childlike spirit out in the expansive & inviting outdoors.  Apart from doses of cycling, fitness classes, boot camp, and xc skiing, running has been my fitness fix for the last seven years.

Time to mix it up 
a wheeeee bit.

  • increase variety of activities;
  • add dollops of play;
  • go on more aimless adventures;
  • embrace the change, the freedom.
So far my approach is refreshing my fitness outlook as I try new— and rediscover—old sports. I still feel the call of the trail and miss the social camaraderie of my running peeps. Still, I have the great fortune and pleasure of enjoying and learning new things with and from Dave! He knows a lot about a lot and is a great teacher, study and activity partner, too.

We've enjoyed kayaking on Willard Pond, blown bubbles through my first swim lesson in open water, road rides, and explored the rewards of cadence more thoroughly.  Mouse Catching (and freeing) was recently an unofficial sport ...

What about running? I like not feeling trapped within a race series this season. Plus, I abhor hot, humid running. Give me a crisp fall day. Bring on the snow (but not quite yet, please). 

With more gusto this summer I'm limiting the long-distance running (until I start to ramp it up mid-August), adding shortish asphalt and watch- and plan-free trail runs. Hopefully, I can find multisport balance before school starts again! 

Happily keeping another promise, this weekend I'll meet Kevin (and Michelle), and many of my running gnomies from The Ultra Gang for the VT 100! I'm looking forward to pacing Kevin in his first 100 miler.  Of course, where I can be of extra help and good cheer to the other TUGgers, I will avail myself. May the 100-mile-force ALSO be with Streph, Julie, Steve in their first 100s!   

VT 100 2010 is going to be EPIC.


Scott Mason said...

Hey Pix..Think snowshoe.

Laurel said...

Emily, I've had a similar philosophy about getting outside and having fun in other ways than just running (35 years of a running obsession is more than enough!) For the past year I've been doing something every day, but not always running. My resting heart rate remains in the low 40's and my weight is just about where it was when I was training hard and running every day. I feel as fit as ever, but more of an all around sort of fit than a racing fit. But most importantly, I'm really having a ton of fun these days! See you at Vermont!