July 14, 2010

Smitten for Smokey

I have 
a fire 
in my heart 

Smokey is confident and persuasive yet unassuming; he's comfortable shirtless in jeans with few accoutrements. 

I'm on the look out for Smokey 
and his fire-forecasting signs.  

Chances of Fire today: 
Smokey's HOT! 

 "Smokey Bear is America's wildfire prevention icon. He has educated generations of Americans about their role in wildfire prevention. Created in 1944, the Smokey Bear Wildfire Prevention campaign is the longest running public service advertising campaign in U.S. History."

I've ALSO been curious about Smokey's other side
Not specifically his softer, super-cuddly, 
teddy-bear side. 
Nor the harder, stern or ferocious side. 
I want to see Smokey's BACK side!


 Have you ever considered that in most cases when you see a Smokey (sign) he is two fronts?  I'm searching for less-modest, 3D Smokeys. I spotted one in Peterborough, NH.

Forest Fires are no Laughing matter!


Cool animations about preventing forest fires:
Things you can create with Matchsticks; and
Line-Drawing Animation for Cartoon Network.

1952 video of Eddy Arnold singing the Smokey the Bear Song.

Be Beary Careful with FIRE!

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RawBodyGoddess said...

I so very much enjoy you, dear friend! I LOVE all your posts! You remind me of you know her? If not, google her...I think you would love her!