June 29, 2010

June Finale

One of my plans  this summer is to spice up my sports menu with  cycling, hiking, paddling, swimming, and ball tossing with racquets.  I will always love to trail run and run and run and run

Yes, it's time for this woodland gnome—trail pixie—to branch out from under her toadstool and unearth fresh moss.

This morning I was feeling logy and knew that exercise cures that lethargy. By 11:30 am, in the heat of the mid-day sun,  I laced up the road shoes (phhshaw!), filled my water bottle with ice, water and a Nuun tablet. 

The plan was to run for an hour,  out three miles or 30 minutes, whichever came first, and then head back and see what was left (in the legs and the water bottle). 

The out and back is my least preferred course-configuration but this particular route was nearly down hill for the first three and then—you got it—up hill for the return. I loved that it was mostly hard-packed dirt surrounded by conservation woods, beautiful and secluded homes and farms little brooks and a few wooden bridges. 

I found Francestown, NH, alright!

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