August 08, 2012

Hip Check—Vermont

Candle Light Camping Dinner, Vermont
While camping in such a beautiful state it was hard to resist the lure of outdoor adventures. I tested my hip with a gentle climb up the fire-tower atop Mt. Olga, worked out my back paddling on Somerset, and loosened up tent-sleeping parts swimming in lakes. While my hip was not terribly resolved,  I am slowly on the mend...unless I do too much, too soon.  Last week, my PT scolded me for adding on 5 extra minutes to a 10 minute elliptical session. UGH!  BY "slow return," she means SLOWER-than-the-tortoise SLOW. 

Some areas are slower to mend than others

The 2011 water line on a building, Wilmington, Vermont

In contrast to my hip's healing stands Vermont's recovery after Hurricane Irene. While passing through only a sliver of "Irene's Wrath," I was both saddened for the loss as well as inspired by re/growth prompted by change. What impressed me most were how much communities had already rebuilt, reinforced and regrouped after the floods. From such mass destruction emerged rejuvenation. Still, there is tremendous work and healing to be achieved.
Once a small brook. Quiet before a spring melting.

The progress was obvious to me but seems to have slowed if my gut serves me. Is relief money flowing where it should?  I am amazed at how easily we forget the winds and rains from last August and our various brushes with inconvenience while families re-frame homes, find alternate routes and mourn.

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