August 21, 2012

Time Flies

I just returned from meeting with my hip doctor (the calm, cool and collected Dr. Scott Martin at Brigham and Women's). 

There is good news: I am getting better ......more flexibility in my hip and back—many thanks to PT and Ana's excellent work. The hip joint pain is not as strong as it was in May. I can step up with out excruciating pain and drive stick shift with out hobbling from the car to the house. There is hope. The best news is I do not need surgery. If I follow the doctor's advice......

There is not-so-good news: (well depends on one's point-of-view I suppose). "No impact sports. No running. ESPECIALLY NO RUNNING FOR 5 YEARS until your hip and related problems are free and clear." Bummer.

With my love of running as strong as it is, I will continue to be involved as I have been (while recovering & not running) by volunteering and designing for races and runners. Yes, there are a lot of other physical activities to which I can look forward!


Dan said...

That is good and bad news but I'm happy you are showing (and feeling) progress. How about backpacking in the future? I'm leaning that way IF I ever get better.

RawBodyGoddess said...

5 YEARS????? Wow. Is he a Sport's Medicine Doc? Is this your second opinion? Why 5 years? Seems so long... :(

Glad you are geeting SOME improvement have really been through it....(((Em)))

pathfinder said...

....5 years?...I don't know if I could do it