May 01, 2014

A Little Hanky Panky (gnuck gnuck)

Today in advanced painting, I illustrated to my students that a painting need not be created with paint to be considered a Painting.

Like working with acrylics or oils and one's subject matter,  
a series of choices must occur —
selection of color, character, and composition, 
to name a few. This doesn't change with the materials.
Emily Trespas
"Hanky Panky Painting"
up-cycled, re-purposed, and vintage hankies
12 x 16 oval canvas
May 1, 2014

The concept of painting is plastic. A small collection of dainty, tatted and crochet detailed squares are elevated from stuck-in-the purse-or-pocket swaths of cloth to another level: A Painting.

Tomorrow I donate this piece for the Essex Art Center "$25 wall"
 to raise money for the EAC at the Hair of the Dog.

 Details, Details:

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Unknown said...

A great lesson for your students and a fun piece in its own right.