May 04, 2014

DAZE, Mural, and Going Big

Today Chris DAZE Ellis gave a public talk on his work before a full auditorium. Afterwards we headed to the Addison Gallery for the opening of their spring exhibits. What a blast!

Autographed DAZE exhibition flyer

Before his talk DAZE said to me "I see your students are working a lot larger." Yes! A lot larger. This is thanks to their group mural project with him. Working with DAZE was exceptional; He embodies collaboration. I believe his time with my painting students blew open their ideas about painting and stretched their imaginations. Not only are they working larger, they are working faster and more intuitively. What a gift. Thank YOU for everything, DAZE.

Detail of Mural 

Here is a time lapse GO Pro video of the mural in the Elson Art Center just outside of the Addison Gallery Museum Learning Center at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. (by Neil Evans).

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