March 02, 2009

Fells Fall

A Saturday group run in the MS Fells proved to be a genuine team effort. The Skyline Trail was glassy with slick ice along generous lengths. With trail shoes on, S and M (no pun intended) were initially slip-sliding on areas so instead they ran along the edge of the trail, while D tallied his increasing number of lost shoe screws. It was my first time out in Kahtoolas and K, also in his Microspikes, offered advice on navigating various surfaces (e.g., ice, rocks, etc.). After years of avoiding icy trails, I am refreshed by being able to run confidently on wet ice. What a gift. Our spirits were high and our group photographer (and "anti-bounce hydration-belt gadget-inventor"), K, snapped pictures along the way.

I wish we all wore Kahtoolas (or Yaktrax Pro) because at about mile five, M took a painful fall that broke her ankle. We all shifted into emergency mode to get her to the local ER ASAP! Thank g
oodness for the group and M's patience and fortitude. She impressed me with her positive attitude and gratitude while enduring tremendous discomfort. This group run proved there exists "strength in numbers!" We're all pulling for M to heal quickly and strongly! This experience motivated me rethink and trouble shoot the what, where, with whom, and how of my various runs and routes.
More at
D's blog.

Before the snow started on Sunday, I picked up some 121 Dion Racing SS from B. (Thanks, B!) I am eager to get out there and compare my Altas SS to the Dion pair. Spring offers basically ice-free trails (and yummy mud). Still I am giddy about playing in the snow with my winter athletic toys: YakTrax, Kahtoolas, cross-country skis and snow shoes!

Last week I longed for spring when I saw snowdrop flowers coming up
in my yard. Now I grin at the accumulation of fluffy white flakes. Regardless of the season, I am thankful to have these options, especially given M's break Saturday. Her fall in the Fells is a reminder to us all of how grateful we can be for health and opportunity.

A note to M: if you decide to Aqua Jog, I will join you! Like many experiences, it's a lot more fun with company.


Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear about the accident...I wanted to run with the group and was sad to miss running on trails...sounds like the day was an emotional one for all but that M is a real trooper! I will send positive thoughts her way.

Dan said...

Em, Thanks again for your help on Saturday. So I guess you must be playing on your new 121s today!