May 11, 2009

G.A.C. 6-Hour Run & Ice Bath

On May 10th, G.A.C. hosted their 15th Annual Mother's Day 6-Hour Walk/Run to raise money for The Hunt Breast Center. Participants repeated the three-mile loop in Bradley Palmer State Park as many times as they wished (or were able) during a six-hour window from 9 am to 3 pm. G.A.C. events are relaxed and thoroughly planned with well-stocked and evolving aid tables, cold water out on the course, friendly volunteers and nice T-shirts!

Afterwards Gilly invited folks back to the store for R & R! That was wonderful because I had a chance to thank and t
alk with some of the people who made the event possible and so enjoyable. Thanks also to the usual suspects pictured below—like Kenny (in black), quad-stretching Kevin, as well as, Sheryl (#45), whom I'd just met. It was also great to catch glimpses of familiar faces that were a blur at the time because I was in the zombie zone.

I lost my "ultra-virginity" at the 6-Hour in 2008 wh
en I completed my first 50k. Snap, Crackle, Pop! I was excited to come back and clock a few loopy loopsfor old times sakeand pace Running Rob. My promise to him was 2-3 laps, rain or shine. Rob's wife Jen was also there with their two boys; it was so nice to have a surrogate cheering section! As the course is a lopsided figure-eight, we saw many familiar faces heading out again...and again. (Above: Rob's boys testing their GPS Alien Space Travel units.)

Rob and
I ran a comfortable T r a i l—S n a i l P a c e for the first 18 miles after which I set out on my own. By mile 17 I'd rearranged my May running plans and committed to run long(er) at Bradley Palmer that day, forgo Soapstone (for which I hadn't pre-registered), and stick with Wachusett and a fun wog at Trav's.

At Mile 19—real math began & numbers were crunched—how much
time remained to complete 9 laps (27 miles)? As is usually the case, my final miles during longer distance events are often my fastest and I had a comfortable cushion. I ran miles 22-27 at just under 10:45/mile pace so I had 20 luxurious minutes to add on an additional mile. I milked those 20 final minutes of the Mutha. I enjoyed watching Rob cross the finish line and see the lead runner Amy L finish 41 miles in 5:59:08, which was thrilling; she placed first overall to tie the women's course record!

** * ** * ICE BATH *
* *

On the way home I stopped by the grocery and bought a 15 Lb bag of ice. The man behind me in the check out line asked, "Sooo, you havin' a big party?" I chuckled, "No, just an ice bath." Here are two PG-13 movies of my
wicked cool party


Ice: $2.49,
Recovery benefits
and bragging rights:

Ingredients: body, ice, tub, cold water, and guts.

cat trained in dialing 911. The more cats, the better.

Place 15 Lb bag of ice in empty tub. Get psyched—get naked (or v/v) and sit in the empty tub. Fill the tub with cold water as it covers your thighs and more. Empty the bag of ice around your lower extremities. (Expect the first 90 seconds to be "awkward," perhaps painful.) Watch the clock for 10 minutes as you "soak." Allow tub to drain as you sit and regain composure. Slowly move and bend your legs in an attempt to stand. Get the "H," "E," "double L" out of the tub. Author's note: wait a bit before attempting a follow-up hot shower.


Laurel said...

I hope you meant "the first 90 seconds" and not the first 90 MINUTES in that last paragraph. Frost bite and hypothermia come to mind, but I am going to try an ice bath after MMT. I used to stand waist deep in cold streams after long runs and I remember it really helped the recovery. Then I got soft and started heading straight for the hot shower instead.

Dan said...

Oh I am just laughing out loud listening to you suffering in that cold tub. You’re a better man, woman than me. I can’t make it past 5 minutes~!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Laurel, you make a great editor! I meant first 90 SECONDS. I would be in the cooler with Walt D if I soaked for 90 minutes! Streams, ocean...are better than the tub! Thinking of you at MMMMMMMNNNNTTT!

Running and living said...

I LOVE icebaths. My little secret is to put a sweater on, have a nice cup of hot tea and a nice book in there with me. The first minutes are tough but then my legs get numb and I don't feel anything....Some say that hot showers immediately after the icebath also help with recovery! Ana

Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...

I love the sound effects in the videos, I'm in my office laughing so hard that my admin thinks I'm loosing it. Well maybe I am but, keep on training/racing/bathing!