August 23, 2009

Dewy Laps at Moose On The Loose 10 Mile Trail Race 2009

A spur-of-the-morning decision to train with some friends before GLER and glean a few more ENETRS participation-points led me to 3C Race Production's Moose on the Loose 10 Mile Trail Race & Relay. Results. PHOTOS by Platt Racing Photography.

The course—full 10 miler and relay—consists of 4 x 2.5 mile laps through Mine Falls Park in Nashua, NH. The loop is flat and on trails (apart from a short asphalt loop by the start, finish and aid area). It's a friendly off-road race and place to run. As part of the NHGP, over 350 runners cut their moose molars on the "trails" in the late August heat.

If you didn't medal and want a consolation prize— check out,
"Fred, the Large Moose Trophy," (above) at Cardboard Safari.

* * * * * * * * *
Dewy Laps. For those not versed in moose anatomy, the word dewlap describes the loose flap of skin hanging from a moose's chin. Dewlap or not, sweat poured off my chin and others' as the sun got more serious. It was wicked hawt! A proper English lesson: the plural of moose is moose. More moose factoids.

Speaking of HOT! Some folks at the race asked about my running dress so here's the skinny:
my nuu-muu review. I wore my Fleur nuu-muu exercise dress to see how it feels in high heat & humidity for potential donning at GLER. Not only is it hot (sassy-like), it is damn hot—too, HOT for GLER. Hopefully the fabulous nuu-muu folks might design one with peek-a-muu venting mesh around the mid-section! I will wear my beloved nuu-muu in cooler temps, including winter with layers.

“It happens sometimes. People just explode. Natural causes.”
--Agent Rogersz.
(Repo Man, 1984)

* * * * * * * * *
Moose on the Loose. What fun it was to run, walk and talk with Brian G. on lap 1 and with NETT's Adrienne C. on lap 3. Brian wisely stopped due to a persistent pain in his leg—no need to exacerbate things! Adrienne thought she might drop after lap 2. (We abhor the heat.) She picked up her pace for the final lap, did not DNF, and instead respectfully FWAB, "finished with a break."

Also Out for Antlers: “Heartbreaker” Dan S., Sara M, speedy NETT folks Dave, Mary, and Jack among others I didn't know. Great to also run around with some NE Mountain Circuit goats and folks like Dan & Melissa, and Diane, Brian and Lori. Great job to Cathy D's team, too. They were all tricked out in spiffy shirts!

* * * * * * * * *
I mentally noted the time each loop; to my surprise my 2nd & 4th splits were the same! Not too bad for running on feeling without a watch. I plan on wearing my gps for next weekend's 50k—which is another lap deal (4 x 7.75 miles)— to help with my Jeff Galloway run:walk program.

My Moose Tracks:
Lap 1. 25:30

Lap 2. 25:03
Lap 3. 26:13
Lap 4. 25:03
Total. 1:41:49
* * * * * * * * *
Heat cooks brain. When I went to "gear up" at the race, I discovered I left one of my bags at home. Luckily my sneakers and socks were already in the car along with my cooler I remembered! It was packed with a 1/2-frozen water bottle, Hammer Gel and Recoverite, and Zico. I was missing Body Glide, Endurolytes, sunglasses, hand-held straps and my watch. No biggie.

Bottom Line. Actually, Chest Line. The only thing I suffered from not having was Body Glide! The chaffing was not from my nuu-muu but from my anatomy and foundation garment. I censored the photo above to exemplify what may occur in the dissonance of heat, humidity, sweat and friction against delicate flesh.

"Soon-to-be-smoothed-on" salves.
"It rubs the lotion on its skin."
-- Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs, 1991)


Dan said...

Emily, you ran nice, even splits at the hot and muggy Moose. That's the goal for GLER too. Rest up!

Anonymous said...


Good job today!! It was great to see you and Dan! Familiar faces in a huge crowd...yeah!!

Thanks for dropping back to catch up with me and chat. That was sweet of you!

Maybe we can grab some food or something after a race one of these days (if you don't mind waiting for me to finish running)!!

Good luck at your 50k and take photos!!


Unknown said...

Ouch on the friction burn...hope it heals quickly! Okay, so I'm slowly getting talked into a running dress...everytime I see them I like them a little more!

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