August 08, 2010

You Gotta Love It

In Robert Manson Myers, “Ars Amatoria” (after Ovid’s poem—The Art of Love), the author starts from the first letter of the English alphabet and stops there. He scripted a 200-page book entirely of words beginning with the letter “A.” This was a first for the English language. (See end of post for my poem about the VT 100, inspired by the letter "S.") 
Kevin Z heads across a Vermont field Saturday morning
(photo: Trail Pixie)
 For four folks of The Ultra Gang (T.U.G.), it was also a first—their first 100 mile run. You gotta love running and being on your feet out there in the woods…to stick this thing through——through the training leading up to the event and through the finish line. At times it must feel like a “love—hate” relationship.
Ultra runners are a quirky bunch.
(photo: Trail Pixie)
For some it might be their one-and-only 100. For those who started at 4 a.m., the gang had a finishing rate of 75% (three out of four peeps), topping the overall 55% finish rate.

At the Vermont 100, all participants start at the beginning: Julie O’Mara, Streph Treadway, Steve LaTour, and Keven Zelechoski took that first step. Others support—crew and pace: Bill H, Kim K, Chris M, Christine M, Mike Menard, Michelle R, and myself.
Steve LaTour icing one tough ITB!
(photo: Trail Pixie)
 Julie ran about half way before bowing out and her intended pacer, Mike M shifted his duties to helping another. Christine and Chris tended to and paced Steve, respectively. Bill and Kim crewed for Kevin while Michelle and I paced him. 
Pacers, crew, support...
Mike M, Trail Pixie, Bill H, Joy & Michelle R in front.
 Streph was our wild card, self-supported and a tug boat steering the TUG lead. As he commented, “we all started at the same time and finished within a half an hour of each other.”
 Streph Treadway catches some shut-eye 
after finishing his first 100.
(photo: Trail Pixie)

Epic Finish for Kevin Z!
Finishing pacer, Trail Pixie, gets a huge hug!
(photo: Michelle Roy)
I'm super proud of these folks 
and will crew/pace for them anytime!
I wrote this poem—inspired by Professors Myer’s style—about the Vermont 100;  It's brought to you by the letter “S.” 

Stellar Saturday Start
by Trail Pixie Trespas

Striding Start Surprises
Superstars strategically situate—seed
Several spread staccato-style
Surge swerve stabilize

Sparkling spots shine sycamores
Shuttling self, spirit soaring
Step step step

Soon sunrise stunning scenery
Sheep shedding shadows
Stop sign, Street sign, Smokey sign

Sections snaking, splitting
Stumbling sticks strewn sidelong
Steady steadily steady

Smelling spring-summer—someone
Songs sound, sparrow speaks
Sirens seep stolen slumber

Soon stuff, supplies, support:
Snacks: salt, sticky-sweet soda
Sustaining S-Caps, serums…smiles.

Sarcastic sentences sounding
Soothsayers stopped short—sayonara !
Stifling stifle stifling

Soaring steam suffocates, signals slowing
Sublimation sabotages swiftness
“Speed sabbatical” surely

Slimming, sweat stinging, smothered:
soft shoe steps
shabby sneakers
stretched straps
soiled shorts
swollen sacks
soaked sleeves
shin splints
soggy socks
something soft shifted

Saturday somehow Sunday
Sunset sundown stars
Solo, sola—so long

Sixty seems strategic
Seventy sounds strenuous

Susceptible sleepless shuffler
Spotty syntax say-something
Sorry —so sorry—Sorry

Surround sound:
seeping spirit
sick stomach
sitting staying
silence screaming!

Stupendous stories supplant sanity
Supposed strange shapes speak
Stirred sanity, sensibility

Sway, swerve, swat
Soon supine stoned stallions
Sah-weet sanguine

Shortly signs, salutations, salutes.
Shedding, sniffing, sobbing
Simultaneously sore—sacrosanct.

A special thanks to Dave McDermott for this creative "S" spark to post. To listen to Robert Manson Myers reading from “Ars Amatoria” go to Here and Now, May 21, 2010. Professor Myers reading "Aprillis" on Here & Now:


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