August 09, 2010

Instead of Running & Racing...

Trail Pixie gathers no moss....
After pacing at the Vermont 100, I shifted gears 
—away from running & racing—
towards other adventures: 

Water skiing:
Trail Pixie on the waters of Winnisquam

Art New England Workshops:
Bennington, Vermont
My palette one day in the Ultimate Color Workshop.

 Raku with artist, Bob Green, and Anna Witte
 Plein Air Painting 
Southern Vermont College, Bennington, VT

Photography at Flea Markets:
Gathering source material in photo format.
Williamstown, Vermont
Matchbox Grid Lock. Rietta Flea Market.

 Studio Painting:
  Continuing the practice.
Learning Joinery and more...
My Art-Studio-Table "in progress"

Surface Archeology:
Digging in the Back 40 where there once was a hopper.
Discovering lots of old bottles and plates...history.

Cheering at Triathlons:
 Men's swim start at Lowell Sprint Triathlon (8/1/10)

Bike Transition area at Surry Sprint Triathlon (8/7/10)

 Tomatoes and cukes! 

Worm Warfare:
Tomato horn worm!
Ah Ha! This worm is covered with the parasitic larva of the
Braconid Wasp, which eats the worms. 
Everyday I check the tomato plants for these hob-goblins.

Enjoying the Craftsmen's Fair:
(League of NH)
 Garry Kalajian, Blacksmith

Let's lathe!

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