August 12, 2010

Intentionally Lost

Overcast skies, threatening clouds....this morning I woke up in a bit of a funk. By mid-morning I figured out one of the reasons why: I was sick to my stomach. Let's just say, I have a delicate constitution. Once my body evacuated the ailment, I felt a lot better!

Exercise is a terrific mood lifter and before leaving for work, Dave suggested I go for a ride. In the same breath he gently reminded me that our Tri-State Seacoast Century is in about a month. ULP.  

A few years back, I rode 100k at the Seacoast Century with pretty limited training. With that in mind and my current training, I'm in for at least 100k this September. We have a longer ride planned for the end of August. I'll be ready. This year, I hope we'll skip the section that heads towards Newburyport and opt to start heading north right away. The roads leading up and into Maine are very beautiful.
Before today, my last ride was a month ago! Yikes. By 1 p.m., with a fresh stomach and lifted spirit, I was pumping air in my bike tires, filling a water bottle and packing a PB & J. YUM.
I rode towards Peterborough and decided to just start taking lefts or rights as I pleased.  I blew a kiss to Smokey before heading past EMS.   A sharp left brought me along some rolling back roads into Hancock. Nice views! I was lost by then and quite pleased to roll into the town center, which I recognized. 

Eventually I made my way back to Bennington and stopped at the General Store for a much needed coke. I drained my water bottle well before Hancock. 

Somewhere between Hancock and Bennington, I came across these sheep and had to stop. My toes fall asleep while I ride and it seemed like a great chance to admire their fleece. At that point, I wanted more fleece on my saddle...

All-in-all it was a great ride of about 35 miles at 15.1 mph. I love getting lost to discover new places AND to extend rides. Today reminded me of my "get lost" summer bike rides in high school.

Not all who wander are lost...
Juggling cycling, marathon training and teaching (with the start of school in a month) is going to be interesting.  I'm signed up for the Stone Cat Trail Marathon in November and have my eye on a few events beforehand—some half-marathons and long-distance trail events. I'll play it by earlobe.

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